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Teri Robert

I agree with you that Mary's information is wonderful. We sometimes work together. Did you know that migraines and thryoid disease can sometimes go together, and that thryoid can have a big impact on migraines? If you're intereested, check out http://www.helpforheadaches.com/articles/thyroid_and_migraine.htm.


Jessica Margolin

Thanks, Teri.

I'm not surprised about the connection, as anecdotally my "migraine aura" symptom completely disappeared after I began taking levothyroxine.


Whenever I read your/this blog it always comes up with the 26 Oct post at the top like a "Sticky". Is this deliberate ? Should I be doing it ? Is it the latest Big Thing ? Please tell us.

Jessica Margolin

It was deliberate, though I had meant to deliberately release it a while ago - thanks for reminding me!

Typepad has a feature that you can "feature" a post up top. It's actually a good idea for an introduction post, particularly if you manage several blogs, so the "About" page must be generalized.


Well, I never knew that. Back to the "Kowledgebase" I fear. All best wishes for Christmas.

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