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Michael Lewkowitz

Great post Jessica. The framing I think is perfect. In times of unprecedented systemic instability the opportunity is not to apply one breaking framework to another one that's struggling to succeed. It's the opportunity to reframe the purpose - the very thing that we are trying to serve with the institutions and systems we create.

Jed Emerson talked last year about this being a moment in 20-30 year old movement - an inflection point perhaps, but definitely part of a long-term movement.

With last year having happened at the time we were hearing the timbers crack in the financial system - I wonder if this year we'll be sitting there reflecting on the remediation of the web and community enabled by this 'silly thing' called Twitter.

Whatever the context we enter with, the conversation I'm most looking forward to are the ones that are looking at these times as an opportunity to remediate the systems of our society around the things that truly matter to us as humans, in community, on this planet.

Jessica Margolin

Thanks, Michael. I look forward to seeing you there.

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